Considerations when choosing a new front door

When choosing a new entrance door one of the first things to consider is which material to use. There is a wide range of materials to choose from including sleek modern aluminium doors, robust composite doors that are made with a variety of strong materials, more common UVPC doors that now come in a stylish range of colours to a more traditional timber doors.

Aluminium doors

Having made something of a revival in recent years bespoke aluminium doors are very in vogue at the moment. Aluminium is inherently strong, it will never rust, warp, expand or contract in extreme weather. It's strength make it a very versatile material and very popular with architects due to its slim line design. Available in number of powder coated finishes anthracite grey, matt black and metallic silver being some of the more popular colours. Practically maintenance free and developments in thermal technology including thermal brakes makes these doors to be a very good choice. However cost wise these are at the top end of the market and depending on the style and choice of door could cost you upwards of £3,000.

UPVC Doors

Another product that has had something of make over. The UPVC doors come wide range of designs to suit all tastes, it's colour range has also increased with grey becoming more popular. With a minimum of  a five point locking system as standard this makes for a secure and safe door. It has been developed over the last 30 years to be one of the most energy efficient doors on the market.

Price wise UPVC doors offer a more affordable option for those working on a limited budget starting from £1,000.

Composite Doors

The new kid on the block composite doors are becoming extremely popular door style due to their robustness, resilience and appearance. Composite doors are made from a combination of materials all chosen for their thermal qualities and strength. Including UPVC, insulation foam, timber, and laminated door skin. The materials are glued together under high pressure. This results in a door that outperforms other entrance doors such as UPVC. A composite door is designed to look like a traditional wooden door, but without the yearly maintenance. These tend to start from £1,600 supplied and installed.

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