Government Home Improvement Grant

Are You Eligible And What Does It Cover?

What Is The Grant?

Earlier this year the government announced plans to issue homeowners vouchers worth £5,000 to help make their homes become more energy efficient. This scheme is being launched in September, with those on lower incomes receiving up to £10,000. To qualify you will need to be in receipt of certain benefits. The aim of the the scheme is to help homeowners and promote energy efficiency. The reported £2 billion put aside by chancellor Rishi Sunak is earmarked for green home upgrades. This scheme is open to homeowners and landlords, it applies to England only. Homes in the rest UK are not included.

How Will The Grant Work? From September you will be able to register and apply for the vouchers . For most homeowners, the vouchers will be worth two-thirds of the cost of the energy efficient improvements. To qualify for any financial support, you will need to be installing at least one of the following "primary" improvements: Low carbon heating, this includes air-source, ground-source heat pumps or solar thermal systems. These are all energy efficient ways to heat your home. Insulation is another option, this covers loft, cavity, roof and underfloor insulation. As long as you are installing one of the above measures you will then be able to use the remaining vouchers to install the following "secondary" measures: Draught proofing, double or triple glazing, or secondary glazing. This is only available to people with single glazed windows, it does not cover replacement double glazing. Energy efficient doors, where you are replacing doors installed before 2002. Heating controls and installation, this includes appliance thermostats, hot water thermostats, smart heating controls, zone controls, hot water tank insulation, delayed-start thermostats and thermostat radiator valves. Importantly you can only receive funding for these secondary measures up to the amount of funding you received for the primary funding. For example if you received £2,000 for loft installation you would have a maximum £2,000 for any secondary improvements.

While these government grants are ideal for homeowners or landlords who want to make their properties more energy efficient it's clear that its not going to benefit those wishing to upgrade their current double glazing or if they don't need a "primary" home improvement.

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